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"Darling, all night
I have been flickering, off, on, off, on."

- Sylvia Plath,Fever 103°.” from Ariel: The Restored Edition (via lifeinpoetry)

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i literally cannot decide if this is negative propaganda or not lol

There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way… by ferpectshotz on Flickr.
Big Sur, California

Commenting on FB about my next tattoo I was scouring the net for Alphonse Mucha ‘cause that’s the design I want and I found this, isn’t it just gorgeous?
Alphonse Mucha (Czech, 1860-1939). Pendant Cascade, ca. 1900. Gold, enamel, opals, diamonds and Baroque pearls. 12 x 5 cm (4 11/16 x 1 3/16 in.). Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris.
© Mucha Trust 2009 / Photo © Petit Palais, Roger-Viollet

Montmartre, Paris | France (by Johnny Santo Domingo)

Zahora beach, Barbate | Spain (by Nacho Coca)